Why Source Artisan?

As a web designer with long experience of creating & promoting other people’s great ideas and helping them to market and sell their products I always had a niggling sense that I really should turn my talents towards developing my own on-line business. The idea was there in my head but whenever I had time to think about what my marvellous imaginary store would offer the question was always ‘but what could I possibly offer that isn’t already available on a swarm of other e-commerce websites?

Eventually a glimmer of an idea became a brighter flame as it finally dawned on me that in fact I actually know a lot of very talented and creative people. People who I come into contact with through my work and through my network friends and acquaintances.

All of the products available through this website are produced by talented individuals who work from home or from small workshops and together they produce a myriad of beautiful and unique handmade products.

At the same time many customers are looking for high quality, uncommon and unusual products that are distinctive, attractive and have that just can’t be found on a large online store or in their local high street shops.

And so Source Artisan has come to life, created from a desire to match rare and beautiful products to a rare and lucky clientele!